Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yeah, I'm still around...

Trying my hand at streaming on Twitch again, it's OKAY I guess, but I think I'll probably end up back on YouTube, either way, I will be streaming and uploading on a regular basis because it is addicting!
As usual, my life is full of bad scheduling and poor follow through as far as anything that is purely for me goes, but it is hard to not feel like I'm being selfish when my kids want my time. I am trying some new time management techniques and slowly whittling away at this mound of self-doubt that makes me so afraid of success, so it can only get better from here!
Well, here's a couple of photos because... well... yeah...
Hope to remember to post here again soon! If you don't hear from me pm me on Twitter @disruptivegirl and tell me to get my head outta my butt!
This is the beginning of a project I will eventually finish on my Twitch stream.

Ra gets this look and keeps it until I go to bed, he truly dislikes me keeping late nights.

The Great "Out of Doors"

No "actual blog post" today, but here's some photos of an outing to Maryjane Falls on Mt. Charleston last month, oh and a ...