Seeking inspiration and finding it in myself

I've been really struggling lately with... well, with everything. I always have people in my life telling me how I sell myself short and all of those usual pep talk style comments to try to get me motivated, or shut me up when I'm coming across too negatively... probably that last bit the most. I truly am my own worst critic and it's easy to fall into the habit and hobby of self doubt, but I really have no time for that kind of behavior from myself anymore. I am putting my foot down and getting my head out of my rear as of right now!
My first step was to go back and look at some of the stuff I have created in the past year. Even when I'm not being super productive, I have quite a bit of fun with my hobbies and I would like to think I am at least passably good at doing what I do. Here's a look at a few of my favorites:

A SepticEye and Yarny I made for Xavier

The TARDIS costume I made for Xavier's step-mom

One of many paper hats, I enjoy dabbling in the maddest of hattery on occasion

This was an old grey skull, I jazzed it up a bit and now it sits on a shelf above my bed

The light up headpiece that goes with the TARDIS costume, hard to believe it started out as a peanutbutter jar

My automatic candy dispenser got a nice spooky upgrade

The horns I made and wore for the Bad Fairy Ball

Why just dip eggs in dye when you can make something as adorable and keepsake worthy as this?

Made this mask for my oldest son, it was my first time making something of this nature using paper mache and paper mache pulp, I was pleasantly surprised it came out this well.
So, even though it feels weird to do any kind of self promoting, or a bit too much like I'm trying to brag or something, I am pretty proud of what I am capable of accomplishing and I just want to see how well I can do if I push myself and stop hiding behind excuse after excuse. It's time! No more excuses, time to get to work and be awesome!

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