A tiny bit of a wrench in the works...

So... you may have noticed a lack of an episode 3 this past Friday, my deepest apologies for that. Here's a quick snapshot of my life right now:

Tons of good news

  • Job hunting for the past 6 months, finally got an interview, start next Wed. the 31st.
  • My daughter announced wedding plans for Sept. 2nd (as in a few weeks)
  • Bought a car
  • Got my ordination package so I can officiate my daughter's wedding
  • Finally gave in and donated plasma (the extra $ is useful right now)
  • Went to the orientation for the new online school I enrolled my boys in this year and it was AWESOME!!!
Then things went sideways
  • The car broke down (Alternator, no funds to fix it) when we were leaving the boys' school orientation
  • delayed from donating plasma due to bruising (have to wait a month between draws)
  • Started having horrible pains in my right kidney, scared to get it checked out
  • Owe $500. by the 6th on the car I can't drive because I can't afford to fix it
  • Don't know how I'm going to get to my new job without transportation
  • Panic attacks have brought live streaming to a screeching halt
  • Podcast recording schedule trashed due to the car breaking down and being stranded across town on recording day 
All I can do is take all of this in stride, at least we have a roof over our heads and besides a cranky kidney, we're all in pretty good health. I've stopped sleeping because I can't stop thinking of ways to try to get things back on track. The biggest concern is the $500. because that is money I owe for the car to my little brother and it's earmarked for the car he bought when I purchased this one off of him. 

If you happen to find some extra cash lying around anywhere you can always pitch some this way via paypal.me/disruptivegirl or our Patreon https://www.patreon.com/disruptivegirl either way, we'll be back on track soon, feel free to check out our first two episodes until then here:


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