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Next up on the Ramblings of a Disruptive Girl Podcast

Week one was amazing! I really enjoyed putting our first episode together. I'm still waiting to hear from iTunes because their processing is very slow, but our podcast is available on Buzzsprout here and Castbox here as well as on my Patreon site here.

Here are all of the links to our sources for our first episode on Nevada:

Nevada Triangle:

Neal Falls:
Our week two episode will be on the state of California. So far my research on this one has had my head spinning, there are so many potential topics and cases with it being such a huge state, tons of rich history there and weird things going on!

Join us next Friday, July 21st as we do it again and bring you California on out Twisted States serie…

Early Access

Pop on over to and toss me a $1 pledge to gain early access to our weekly Ramblings of a Disruptive Girl podcast episodes. Our first episode will be live on iTunes tomorrow, Friday the 13th! To listen to it today join us on Patreon for access to our super secret squirrel YouTube channel, Discord server and a ton of other patron only content.

Join us...

Weird Wednesdays here: every Wednesday @4pm Pacific. This will be our first official Ramblings of a Disruptive Girl podcast behind the scenes live stream so e sure to join us! The first episode will be available 7/13/18 here: . So EXCITED!!!!!